When Greece met Japan - Photo album

"When Greece met Japan" 
Photo album

This photo album created for two people get married. A man from Greece and a woman from Japan. Try to combine somehow two in so many differences cultures. The Japanese symbol in front is embossed in bronze metal and is the family crest of her. Two initials are their names letters. Greek letters given in Japanese outlook. 

Covers made of three wooden layers. One the border (pyrography & engraving), one for the main cover and one on the back. In front there is pyro-engraved a water motif (woman's element) and at the back side a fire motif (man element). 
At the back the two initials embossed on bronze metal too.

Books has binding in Japanese method and stitches are a meander motif. 
Inside cover made of leather and painted canvas (joined together). Family crest made on microwood. 

Papers are painted in coffee.

One of a kind

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