The North | Leather tobacco pouch

"The Noth" - House Stark
Leather tobacco pouch

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History of the Bicycle | Leather long wallet

"History of the Bicycle" 
Leather long wallet

Pyrography, some tooling and painting on leather.

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Tiger | Leather tobacco pouch

Leather tobacco pouch & lighter case

Pyrography and painting. All the embossed parts of the designs made by using the pyrographer tool and only in the right heating temperature. 

No puncture stamps are used.

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Valkyrie | Leather agenda sleeve

Leather agenda sleeve

Leather tooling, pyrography & painting.
Made to fit an A6 agenda.

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Call of Cthulhu

"Call of Cthulhu" 
Custom made "Call of Cthulhu" keeper rulebook

A completely different mixed media handmade book​ ​covers. A process took so long to get finished! The book inside is an original printed and purchased copy was bound under new cover pages.
Cover pages made out of wood.​ ​Brand new woods aged and distressed by fire and water and some weathering exposure. No additional colour added. Rusted effects and nails also added to the general distorted look of the covers.

The mini sculpture is made out of gyps and clay.
Waters are made by using resin (liquid glass) in several layers.
All scripts and symbols are engraved on the woods. The inner pages are burned to the edges and lightly coloured for giving an aged look as well. Also, a Cthulhu image of my own painted on the left.

​​***One of a kind***
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Valhalla Brotherhood | Leather Bracers

"Valhalla Brotherhood"
Leather bracers

Vegetable-tanned leather bracers made in two sizes. All designs are embossed using leather tooling technique. Colored with leather dyes and antique finishes.

Wolfi | Leather dog collar

Leather Dog collar & Dog tag

Vegetable-tanned leather dog collar and dog tag. All designs are embossed using leather tooling technique. Colored with leather dyes and antique finishes.

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Mjölnir | Wooden Chest

Custom handbuild/handmade wooden chest

The whole construction made by me as well starting by buying wood. Chest's plans based on a Viking sea chest by adding the legs.

All of the designs burned on the wood using Woodburner tool. 
Valknut symbol on the sides is engravings.

Chest's hardware (hinges, handles as well as the closure) made of thick leather.
The chest made in order to store a handmade iron "Mjölnir" of the owner.

​Dimensions: 66 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm (including legs)​

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Dungeons & Dragons | Custom made user's guide

“Dungeons & Dragons”
Custom made Dungeons & Dragons user's guide - 3 books in one

Mixed media handmade book. Three books of Dungeons & Dragons "Player's Handbook", "Dungeon Master's Guide" and "Monster Manual" are originally printed and purchased copies were bounded under the same cover in one book.
Cover pages made out of wood. Designs are burned using pyrography technique.Triskelion Dragons, as well as the title sign, are cut off another piece of wood and placed onto the book. Stone border made using Easy 3Dflex and Powertex media. Book spine is made out of leather. Dragon scales are made using leather tooling technique. Internal books, separate covers, are made of painted canvas. Key-ring is made out of leather.

***One of a kind***

Mandala | Leather tobacco pouch

One folded leather tobacco pouch and lighter case


When Germany met Scotland | Photo album

"When Germany met Scotland"
Photo album


Purple Shades | Leather purse

Mushrooms | Leather tobacco pouch